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Compact Discs


 Heavenly Wonderful



  1. God Is Easy Lovin’
  2. Heavenly Wonderful, Heavenly Beautiful
  3. God Is Good To Me
  4. This Old Church
  5. See You There
  6. It Was You, Lord
  7. You May Be The Only Bible
  8. The Second Coming Of The Lord
  9. The Last Word In His Name Is “Us”
  10. Christmas Is For Jesus
  11. Help Me Be Worthy



I Wouldn’t Trade America



  1. I Wouldn’t Trade America (For The World)
  2. Purple Heart (Live)
  3. Only You
  4. The Greatest Gift Of All
  5. Sure Thing
  6. Brother Bluebird
  7. Hank Williams Guitar
  8. Why Should I Cry Over You
  9. Born A Fool
  10. Misty Blue
  11. Togetherness
  12. I’ll Hold You In My Heart  

Good Vibrations



  1. The Keys In The Mailbox
  2. Trip To Heaven
  3. Super Kind Of Woman
  4. If Fingerprints (Showed Up On Skin)
  5. Drink Up & Go Home
  6. Unbelievable Love
  7. N.Y. Joe & Redneck Tennessee
  8. Bless Your Heart
  9. The Scars On Jesus Christ
  10. My Hang up Is You
  11. I Can Almost See Houston (From Here)
  12. Togetherness
  13. Valentino
  14. Easy Lovin’
  15. The First Time
  16. Sermon On The Mountain
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